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Williamsburg County


Kingstree, SC


Commercial / Government





Williamsburg County PSA Building and Council Chambers 

GMK assisted Williamsburg County, SC, with a two-phase design-build building program. The first phase consisted of the design and construction of a new Public Services Administration Building adjacent to the existing courthouse building in downtown Kingstree. This new two-story structure (occupied and opened in May 2012) combines all of the county public services and administrative functions into one secure and well-organized facility. The new building has state-of-the-art office and public use spaces as well as secure administrative office spaces. Included in the phase one new building are new council chambers that vacated space in the historic Robert Mills courthouse to expand and modernize the court functions.
Phase two: GMK completed the design and construction of courthouse renovations with input from SHPO as required for buildings on the national historic register. Exterior upgrades included needed maintenance to the roof, plaster walls and wooden windows and doors. The interior of the building was retrofitted with a new electrical system including lighting, communications and power, a new mechanical and plumbing system, as well as some minor reconfiguration of spaces to accommodate the court needs. The finishes were replaced throughout. The courtroom itself was renovated to the extent required for better security and technology.

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