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Services  Engineering

With close to 30 years of engineering experience, GMK Associates has the resources needed to handle all phases of engineering development, from smaller projects to full engineering programs. Our engineering staff has more than 100 years of combined engineering experience. Through the strength of this team, GMK has been privileged to work with a wide range of clients, including healthcare systems, medical practices, institutions of higher learning, school districts, state agencies, government entities, industrial entities and many within the private sector.


Our specific engineering services include mechanical, electrical, communications, plumbing, and fire protection.   



  • central energy plants 

  • data center HVAC

  • refrigeration plant retrofits 

  • HVAC system design 

  • energy efficiency studies and assessments 

  • heat recovery systems 

  • building energy modeling

  • steam systems

  • fire protection

  • electrical utility consulting

  • distributed power plant design

  • electrical power systems design

  • power distribution

  • lighting design

  • grounding system design

  • power studies

  • generation systems design

  • security systems design

  • telecommunication design

  • fire alarm system design

  • energy efficiency studies 
    and assessments

  • UPS systems design


  • domestic water

  • waste

  • medical gas systems

  • rainwater

  • harvesting systems 

Recently, GMK has also developed a niche design-build service offering specifically geared toward the turnkey design, construction, and installation of complex mechanical systems as part of larger construction efforts. GMK leverages its expertise in single-source responsibility for the design-build completion of facility power plants and other large energy systems as a turnkey “package” serving the power needs for large facilities such as manufacturing plants, hospitals, utilities, and institutional campuses. GMK assumes total responsibility for the “package,” including project planning, design, scheduling, value engineering, cost control, and construction. 

Benefits of Selecting GMK to
Serve your 
Architecture &
Engineering Needs



benefit: rapid — often immediate — response from initial phone call to delivery of design solutions



1. With 50 years of design experience in healthcare, institutional, commercial and educational projects 

benefit: minimal to no learning curve


2. with a range of relationships, from awarded project work to troubleshooting, spot tasks and indefinite delivery contracts

benefit: used to working in “on-call” relationships


3. with state agencies

benefit: relationship with agency personnel, 

and knowledge of regulatory issues and protocols


4. with other architecture and engineering firms

benefit: flexibility to work with any and 

all consultants


5. on a range of project types, sizes and scopes

benefit: capabilities and expertise to handle 

all types of projects, large and small


6. with renovation work

benefit: thorough understanding of the challenges of incorporating modern systems upgrades and new energy sources into older buildings

7. with budgeting/estimating

benefit: on budget performance


benefit: fewer change orders, accuracy of estimates, and budget and schedule compliance


benefit: makes your life easier; delivers a 
more seamless, cost-effective, schedule-
minded project 


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