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Ryan McCormick
Board Member / Director of Design-Build Division

With more than 33 years of industry experience, Mr. McCormick serves as GMK’s company-wide cost estimator and manages the design process for large-scale design-build projects. As such, he provides cost modeling and feasibility for various design options and develops phasing plans, budgets, and schedules for a wide variety of project types. In fact, his estimating capabilities have proven so accurate that GMK often bonds its design-build projects based on these estimates. Mr. McCormick uses historical construction cost data for architecture/engineering, design-build, and construction services projects based on occupancy/usage of the various areas in planned facilities. He projects future costs based on market trends and economic cycles such that appropriate funds are available at the time of implementation for entire projects, and he refines cost estimates as scope of work and project details are refined. Mr. McCormick has provided estimating services on all GMK’s state projects over the last 28 years, and understands well the Phase I/II system under which state entities must operate and the critical nature of an on-target estimate. Mr. McCormick is a registered professional engineer (SC, NC, and GA) and holds a bachelor of science in civil engineering and a bachelor of science in building science and management from Clemson University, as well as a master of engineering from the University of South Carolina.

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