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Richmond County Board of Education Building Program


Augusta, GA






Richmond County Board of Education Building Program
Phase III: School SPLOST Program (2007-2011)

total value of all projects: 
$160 million  
design professional contact:

GMK worked with nine architectural firms during this building program.

“We have had three phases of SPLOST monies during the period GMK has been managing our construction program totaling over $360 million. At the end of Phase I and II, all projects came in under budget as promised. At this point in Phase III [June 2009], all projects to date have been under budget and on time. This is due primarily to the management of the program by the GMK team. This results in saving thousands of dollars for the taxpayers of Richmond County.”
 - James F. Thompson, Ed.S., Executive Director, Special Schools/Programs (emphasis added) 

*Note: Since this statement, GMK has been rehired a fourth time by the county and all projects to date are on budget and schedule.

•    Hephzibah High School: $2,900,000 - substantial renovation to athletic
      facilities, upgrade fire alarm system, sitework 
•    Hornsby Elementary School: $6,100,000 - new elementary school to
      replace Hornsby Elementary School 
•    Academy of Richmond: $845,000 - re-roof and renovate gymnasium
•    Morgan Road: $1,000,000 - modifications/replacement of HVAC systems
•    Jamestown Elementary School: $1,000,000 - modifications/replacement
      of HVAC systems
•    New Hephzibah High School: $10,600,00 - new football stadium/
      athletic complex
•    A.R. Johnson Allied Health Magnet School: $7,700,000 -
      new gymnasium/existing gym renovation to auditorium
•    Langford Middle School: $910,000 - gymnasium renovation
•    New South Augusta Middle School: $21,400,000 - new middle school
      to relieve overcrowding
•    Warren Road Elementary: $425,000 - lunchroom renovations
•    East Augusta Middle School: $6,000,000 - renovations
•    New Butler High School: $7,100,000 - gymnasium
•    Butler High School: $3,125,000 - new façade and administration area 
•    Academy of Richmond County: $750,000 - new track
•    Butler High School: $750,000 - new track
•    Josey High School: $750,000 - new track 
•    Garrett Elementary School: $10,100,000 - renovations
•    Academy of Richmond County High: $3,200,000 - six new IB classrooms;
      $2,100,000 - gym renovation/HVAC renovation
•    Westside High School: $5,200,000 - additions and renovations; new façade
      and admin. area, gym renovation/HVAC
•    Bus Maintenance Facility: $3,850,000 - site upgrades for transportation
      project including parking, circulation and fueling station
•    National Hills Elementary School: $5,200,00 - renovations
•    Laney High School: $7,100,000 - new gymnasium
•    Josey High School: $1,250,000 - new field house for stadium
•    HHS: $2,100,00 - gym renovation/HVAC 
•    Tubman Middle School: $10,200,000 - renovations
•    Freedom Park Elementary School: $6,500,000 - expand school to
      accommodate 6-8 grades
•    New John Milledge Elementary School: $13,000,000 - new school
•    Vocational Magnet High School: $25,200,000 - new Vocational Magnet
      High School
•    Dorothy Hains Traditional Elementary Magnet School: $10,800,000 - new school


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