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Teddy DeLoach

Senior Architectural Designer

As a senior architectural designer, Mr. DeLoach provides key support for the firm’s architectural plan production capabilities on project ranging across the entire spectrum of GMK’s client base. Mr. DeLoach possesses more than 30 years of relevant experience in the architectural drafting field. His expertise includes performing initial field work studies to detail existing conditions prior to planned renovations/upfits, as well as developing construction documents detailing renovation and new construction plans and completing detailed as-built drawings. He has worked on projects such as additions and renovations to healthcare facilities, educational (K-12 and higher ed) facilities, law enforcement and correctional facilities, utilities (wastewater treatment plants, electrical substations, and municipal buildings), and commercial and government office space. He further possesses significant experience in building re-roofing and other building envelope improvements. Mr. DeLoach holds an associate degree in engineering graphics technology from Piedmont Technical College and is well versed in the latest versions of various drafting software such as Revit, AutoCAD, and MicroStation.

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