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US Dept of
Veterans Affairs


Columbia, SC








W.J.B. Dorn VA Medical
Center B

B10 Historic Renovation

As part of a team led by Odell Associates, Inc. (a disabled veteran-owned small business enterprise), GMK Associates spearheads the architectural design efforts for individual Task Orders under a larger IDIQ contract (VA247-17-D-0150) for projects at various VA facilities. Specific Task Orders issued within the past three years include: 


  • W.J.B. Dorn VAMC – MRI Unit #2 Replacement 

  • Charlie Norwood VAMC – Correct Security Vulnerabilities and Compliance Issues 

  • Charlie Norwood VAMC – Cath Lab HVAC System 

  • Atlanta VAMC – Renovate Halls and Walls 

  • Atlanta VAMC – Renovate Public Restrooms 

  • Atlanta VAMC – Replace Campus Fire Alarm (Bldg B) 

  • Ralph H. Johnson VAMC – Cath Lab Site Preparation 

  • W.J.B. Dorn VAMC – Renovation of Historic Building B10 


The largest project to date is the renovation of historic Building B10 at the W.J.B. Dorn VA Medical Center in Columbia, SC. The purpose of the project is to design and renovate B10 for future use as a primary care outpatient facility. Building B10 is situated on the western side of the VAMC campus within the historic district, and is a property listed in the National Register of Historic Places. As such, the design requires consultation with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) to ensure the design does not adversely affect the historic district or structure. To complete the renovation of the full 25,000 square feet of B10, the project included existing conditions analysis and subsequent design recommendations, hazardous material identification and abatement, HVAC, electrical/communications, and plumbing system design, site work, structural engineering, interior design and finishes, and exterior roofing, window, doorway, and other building envelope elements. 


Design and construction adhere to all applicable US Department of Veterans Affairs standards and specifications. Construction is being phased to minimize disruptions to the operations of the Medical Center. Total costs for the renovations are estimated to be between $13-15 million. The project is currently in construction, with anticipated completion by late 2021. 

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