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Central Electric Power Cooperative Headquarters 


Columbia, SC

Central Electric
Power Cooperative, Inc.


Commercial / Government






GMK Associates has completed the design-build construction of the new, approximately 40,520-square-foot, two-story corporate headquarters facility for Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc., in Columbia, SC. The free-standing structure consists of a combination of aluminum/glass, stucco, and brick veneer over structural steel with a low-sloping membrane roof.
The first floor of the facility houses a 2,450-square-foot, 58+ seat board room, as well as executive offices and amenities. The floor also includes a main entry and lobby, fitness center, large meeting room, main staff break room and employee work areas. The second floor houses additional employee work spaces (offices, cubicles, conference rooms, and collaboration areas) and a data center, secondary staff break room, and storage. A 3,800-square-foot outdoor terrace runs along the majority of the southern façade of the building, facing the lake located on the property.
The entire headquarters was designed to maximize day-lighting and collaborative work spaces within a structure that is highly energy efficient and complements the surrounding natural environment.

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