UofSC Sumwalt
Biology/Instructional Labs

Instructional lab space at UofSC is available, but in extremely high demand. Due to a need for more space, UofSC awarded the Sumwalt Laboratory project, comprised of (3) 24-student instructional laboratory modules, to GMK Associates after successful completion of a single module at Jones PSC. The module consists of a 24-student biology instructional laboratory with a prep room and a faculty office. The mechanical system is required to deliver single-pass air to both the classroom portion as well as the prep room. Gas, compressed air, power and hot/cold water are delivered to each student bench. The instructor bench is fitted out with AV and instructional equipment coordinated with UofSC UTS as well as gas, air, water and power. Space such as this is a key revenue generator for the Arts and Sciences Department as well as other Departments. It is estimated that the module, at a cost of $1m +/-, generates $200k/year, which is a five year pay-back, a good potential ROI. 


UofSC Sumwalt Biology/ Instructional Labs 


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