Seacoast Medical Center

  • GMK designed and constructed the original Seacoast ambulatory surgery center
    in 1998 with three operating suites, each occupying 440 SF. One was designed to
    initially accommodate endoscopic procedures, yet was sized and configured for easy
    conversion to an OR as volume increased. The design had staff facilities centered
    around a clean support core. Access was provided directly to the ORs, anesthesia
    work areas and clean and soiled utility rooms through the main core. Staff changing
    areas were conveniently located to avoid direct interface with patients/families, and
    OR/procedure room waste products were taken down a separate soiled service
    corridor (which led directly to hazardous material and trash storage areas at the
    side of the building). Both from location and configuration standpoints, the suite was
    designed as easily expandable without costly disruptions or shutdowns
    during construction.

  • New 50-bed inpatient nursing facility addition attached to existing medical center.
    Services being added/enlarged include a new dietary department and dining area,
    central stores, medical gases, new gift shop and third-floor plant operations space.

  • The 50 beds for medical/surgical patients are being disbursed among two nursing
    units in five separate pods. An eight-bed surgery intensive care unit (with perimeter
    family waiting sanctuary) and a 10-bed step down nursing unit are located in five
    separate pods on the second floor and are designed with central nurses’ station.

  • First floor provides one 32-bed nursing unit configured in four eight-bed nursing
    units for higher acuity patients and lower patient/staff ratios. Main nursing station
    located central to the four units, with smaller satellite nursing stations located
    throughout the nursing units.

project highlights

- Designed for future expansion to 100 beds, with vertical expansion capabilities of seven floors.
- First federally approved HUD
- 242 design-build project in the country


Medical Center


Little River, SC