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SCE&G/VC Summer Nuclear Station
Training Facility 

Highlights include: new training center with classrooms, 150-seat auditorium with tiered-seating, special lighting and sound systems for distance learning, office building HVAC renovation, domestic water line and sanitary, and a sewer line extension

  • SCE&G’s Nuclear Power Plant has embarked on a facility improvement
    plan to update their license to produce nuclear power. GMK relocated the 75,000-square-foot training component of the organization as part of this effort. We provided both architectural and engineering services and have served in an “on-call” capacity since.

  • Created an exact duplicate of existing reactor control room for simulation training purposes, including electrical design

  • Design of this facility helps SCE&G meet licensing requirements to produce nuclear power by the nuclear regulatory agency

  • Success with this project and trust in the GMK team produced an indefinite delivery contract and other SCE&G facility projects and additional, similar work for another electric company in the Southeast


points of relevance

  • simulation

  • labs

  • offices

  • records storage

  • classrooms

  • testing rooms

  • observation areas


VC Summer 


Jenkinsville, SC


Commercial / Government





Construction Administration


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