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Lexington Medical Center

Lexington Medical Center-Lexington Outpatient Surgery Center’s linear layout allows the units to be flex-based during high demand times, and each space provides the same level of service to eliminate any backup of patients in holding or in the OR. The four-OR, two-procedure room suite was designed with a clean core for supplies, making storage for equipment and supplies central to all rooms for quick accessibility. Also, the technology GMK designed into the facility assists by taking a possible 20 minutes off each case, allowing surgeons to do more themselves. There is no delay when the circulator leaves the room, aiding in efficiency and patient throughput. Physician testimonial regarding the facility indicates faster turnaround time of the OR, allowing them to return to their offices more quickly and see more patients. This hospital-owned, multi-specialty center was the first in the area to have voice-activated laparoscopy, and since opening has never dipped below the 99th percentile in patient satisfaction, garnering Press-Ganey’s Summit Award for three consecutive years.


Medical Center


Lexington, SC