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Cage Wash

The existing cage wash that supported animal research was undersized and aging. It did not have an appropriate clean and dirty separation and did not meet current standards for research. In for the program to fund the necessary upgrades, grant funding was obtained. However, there were significant deadlines imposed for the completion of the project, both due to the grant funding requirements and due to internal requirements related to maintenance of continuing operations at the facility during the upgrades. The new cage wash for the upgrade was much larger than the existing one being removed. The existing space was already tight in plan dimension as well as overhead height. In addition, the existing space being renovated is in a basement area. GMK developed a way to remove the existing unit and install the new unit in modules to fit into the existing space. The firm worked directly with the manufacturer of the unit to make sure there was no impact to the unit warranty. New plumbing, electrical and HVAC infrastructure was added to support the new unit. An appropriate flow of cages from the clean side to the dirty side was established to meet current standards. 


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