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UofSC MIRC Film Vault Installation 

Design of systems for specialized storage of environmentally sensitive and fragile media.

Under an existing IDC with the University of South Carolina, GMK Associates was retained to provide mechanical and electrical engineering designs for the Moving Image Research Collections at UofSC’s 707 Catawba Street building as well as the Fort Jackson bunker locations. For the Catawba location, the project entailed the demolition of an existing metal shelving system and installation of the new cold storage room with associated HVAC equipment and electrical infrastructure.


The unit at 707 Catawba was designed using desiccant dehumidification as well as refrigerant-based cooling systems that maintain the room at 48°-55° and 30% rh +/-5%. A new and larger 5,700-square-foot cold room is currently under construction.


The facilities at Fort Jackson were specifically designed to house Nitrate film within repurposed ammunition bunker. Due to the dangerous flammability of the film stored within, special care had to be taken to maintain an environment that mitigates any chance for spark or fire in the room from the utilities and equipment used to condition the space.


Film Vault  


Columbia, SC



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