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USC SOM Gross Anatomy

USC School of Medicine - Gross Anatomy

GMK Associates was retained to design and administer installation of a new state-of-the-art HVAC system into an existing historic gross anatomy lab facility at the USC School of Medicine. As part of the project GMK was responsible for completely removing the existing HVAC system from the lab space and installing a new air handler and ductwork that utilized 100% outside air. To do so, the existing building structure was modified to accommodate the new air handler and other equipment (including ductwork and lighting).


Throughout the project, GMK coordinated closely with the SC state historic preservation office (SHPO) as the existing facilities are listed on the historic registry. The historic nature of the facility limited the options for modification to existing structures. The entire new system had to be installed so as to not negatively impact the historic status of the facility.


GMK successfully installed the new system in the existing space over the course of the summer months in order to accommodate the academic calendar and allow for zero downtime for the critical lab facility operations.


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