Beaufort County Schools 

GMK Associates was involved in Beaufort County Schools 8% projects over a period of nine years. These projects were accomplished by different delivery methods. Some projects were included in ongoing bond referendum projects, and some were managed as separate projects. GMK Associates managed a large portion of the FY04/FY05 8% projects and FY06 8% projects. GMK Associates worked extensively with the Beaufort County Schools administration and staff in the planning and development of the FY07 8% projects.  We were also assigned a major project from the FY06 8% projects to be completed in conjunction with an ongoing bond referendum project. The staff managed the projects with Beaufort County Schools for more than 17 years. The following is a summary of the Beaufort County Schools 8% projects managed by GMK Associates.

8% work completed on bond projects ($1,834,000):    
•    Lady’s Island Elementary – Painting
•    Beaufort Middle – Re-roofing project
•    Broad River Elementary
•    Finishes, toilet renovations, roofing
•    Port Royal Elementary
•    Kitchen renovations, painting, tile work
•    Mossy Oaks Elementary
•    HVAC and asbestos abatement
•    Shell Point Elementary
•    Site improvements, roofing 
•    St. Helena Elementary – Daycare renovations

 8% Projects managed as separate projects ($5,647,000): 
•    Battery Creek High – HVAC renovations 
•    Battery Creek High – Duct cleaning 
•    Lady’s Island Middle – HVAC replacement 

 FY04 and FY05 8% Projects ($3,023,000):  
•    HVAC replacements and renovations at six schools 
•    Video surveillance for 15 elementary schools 
•    VCT and carpet projects at six schools 
•    Lady’s Island Elementary – Clinic renovations
•    Furniture and stage curtain procurement for 10 schools 
•    Overhead paging and miscellaneous
      projects FY06 8% Projects ($9,101,000): 
•    151 Separate projects
•    HVAC Upgrades, reroofing
•    VCT and carpet projects, canopies
•    Furniture, site and building improvements


8% Building Program Experience
Value:  $19,605,000



County Schools  


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